There When You Need Us

Nationwide luxury transportation services, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, are monitored by a comprehensive, state-of-the-art dispatch system round the clock.

The Full Array of Services

Luxury transportation is just the beginning. We provide security services, greeter and concierge services, luxury chartered tours, and much, much more.

Ample Capacity

Hundreds of the best chauffeurs in the industry, and a fleet comprehensive enough to fulfill the requirements of even the largest organization.

Worldwide Reach

With our national infrastructure and our global affiliate network, we can provide our services in any major metropolitan area in the world.

Volume Transportation Made Simple

Chauffeurs Unlimited Worldwide specializes in providing services to corporations and large organizations that require volume, luxury transportation in multiple cities throughout the United States and around the world. We have bases in every major city throughout the United States, with an extensive fleet of luxury vehicles, allowing us to manage complex transportation arrangements throughout the country. Our international affiliate network also allows us to manage worldwide transportation in major metropolitan areas across the globe.

Chauffeurs Unlimited Worldwide is unique because of the flexibility and range of services provided. For the company that requires comprehensive corporate transportation services, Chauffeurs Unlimited Worldwide is the one company that creates custom luxury transportation plans that fulfill any and every possible need, often on short notice, and within your budget. Because of our extensive fleet and nationwide network, companies are not forced to choose from a limited range of services or service areas. We have the equipment and personnel necessary to provide the precise services that companies require to manage all of the transportation that any national or multinational company might need.

We provide simple airport transfers, point to point service in Lincoln Town Cars, SUVs, and stretch limousines. Companies often want luxury sedan services for their executives and clients and we can provide this service twenty-four hours a day, throughout the country. Once an account is established, all that is required is a phone call, and we can provide luxury sedan service for a single person in a single city, or we can manage large groups of hundreds of people attending meetings, conferences, or other events.

However, most companies will want to provide tiers of service for their varying levels of employees, and luxury sedan service may not be right for every individual every time. Therefore, we provide an extensive array of more cost-effective transportation options, such as luxury vans, shuttles, and coaches. Once the itinerary is established, a Chauffeurs Unlimited Worldwide representative will work closely with your company to create a transportation scheme that suits your budget and make sure all of your employees and clients are taken care of in an appropriate yet cost-effective manner. Our goal is to create a transportation plan that suits your needs. While other companies may offer you limited options, Chauffeurs Unlimited Worldwide provides you with an unlimited variety of corporate transportation options so that each and every one of your needs is met, the way you need them to be met.

Companies often find that they want to entertain their clients, especially when they are in a foreign city. A large portion of our services is dedicated to impressing and taking care of your clients. Therefore, we provide metropolitan tours for your clients. Metropolitan tours and entertainment transportation are a great way to wow your clients and make being on the road a memorable experience. When you have clients in from out of town, one of our representatives can create a custom, chartered tour for you, and provide a vehicle or vehicle that will suit your needs perfectly. We can provide shuttles, luxury coaches, or luxury sedans for metropolitan tours, based on your individual need.

We also provide a vast array of secondary services, such as greet and concierge services, and security services. Having a greeter at the airport to guide your clients or executives through an unfamiliar airport is a great way to make a positive impression. The greeter will meet the client at the gate when they arrive, guide them all the way through the process of claiming baggage, and guide them right to their vehicle, making sure that each and every one of their needs is met along the way. We can also provide concierge service upon request, treating you, your clients, or your staff to the logistical information you require when in a foreign city. Options for Italian food? Done. Theater tickets? No problem. Information on local clubs and venues? Of course!

We also provide several options for executive security for you and your clients. Security details are custom-tailored to your specific needs. Your account representative can provide you with several different options for these services.

Chauffeurs Unlimited Worldwide also provides comprehensive billing and account management. Each and every one of your transfers will be logged and tracked by our staff, so you receive one simple, easy-to-understand bill. We also provide 24-hour dispatch and reservation service, so that bookings and changes can be made easily and quickly with one simple phone call.


Chauffeurs Unlimited Worldwide’s comprehensive account management system assures seamless integration of your company’s transportation and logistics needs by providing an easy-to-use reservation creation and tracking system, twenty-four-hour dispatch and trip oversight support, and simple, straightforward, all-inclusive billing. When you create a corporate account with Chauffeurs Unlimited Worldwide, you have signed on with a company that specializes in managing and organizing complex, volume luxury transportation. Our goal is to make it easy for you to arrange for all of your transportation needs worldwide with a simple phone call while ensuring that we do everything possible to meet your budgetary needs.

Seamless Transportation Management

Chauffeurs Unlimited Worldwide knows that it is critical that you impress your clients, and providing seamless, high-end transportation is one of the best ways to accomplish this. When we work with you to arrange for group transportation, we make sure that every single passenger is provided with the appropriate transportation option. While many luxury transportation companies may be limited by the size or variety of their fleet, Chauffeurs Unlimited can provide any combination of luxury vehicles and shuttles, on short notice, and in every major city throughout the United States. In addition, our global network allows us to provide the same, quality luxury transportation for your clients and employees worldwide.

Your Chauffeurs Unlimited representative will work with you to create a transportation scenario that is tailor-made to your needs. Companies that have dealt with arranging conferences or meetings in foreign cities know that arranging all of the details of transportation can be a cumbersome process. Once we have your itinerary, we take care of everything else, making sure that each passenger is provided with the best transportation option for them. More importantly, we guarantee that all of your clients will be impressed with the level of service you have provided them. Each of your passengers will experience the high level of service Chauffeurs Unlimited is famous for: from our highly experienced and well-manicured chauffeurs to our immaculate, newer model luxury vehicles, to our greeter and security services.

Chauffeurs Unlimited Worldwide can also provide you with transportation options for recreation while your clients and employees are on the road. We can create a custom chartered restaurant, event, or wine tours for your clients, fitting these activities neatly around meeting and conference schedules. If you have large groups, we can provide tours in over-sizes luxury vehicles such as shuttles, or coaches. We can also provide entertainment transportation and tour services for exclusive groups in town cars, SUVs, or stretch limousines.

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At Chauffeurs Unlimited Worldwide, we believe that luxury transportation should be the least of your worries. When you are managing company events or conferences, it is all to easy to become mired in a sea of logistical details. Having Chauffeurs Unlimited Worldwide manage all of your luxury transportation worldwide allows you to keep your focus where it should be: on your clients, and your business.