Special Events

A virtually unlimited variety of transportation options for all manner of special events. From personal occasions such as weddings or Bar and Bat Mitzvahs to functions for your business, charity, or religious organization.

Point to Point Transfers

A simple trip from point A to point B, sealed in the back of a lush, exquisitely comfortable vehicle. Easily set up your most common transfers with us so that you can book a car in seconds!

Client Directed Service

The vehicle and the chauffeur are yours for the night. Perfect for music and sporting events, attending multiple meetings or conferences in a foreign city, or just treating yourself to a special night.

Volume Transportation

We provide large-scale luxury transportation management to corporations and other large organizations that may require hundreds of vehicles across many different markets.

Metropolitan Tours

Treat yourself or your family to a tour of any city of your choice, or arrange for a custom tour to entertain your clients or associates during their stay in your city. Ask about our wine tasting tour packages!

What We Do

Service for Individuals

We offer a full array of luxury transportation services to individuals throughout the United States. We offer point-to-point transfers, airport town car service, transportation for events and shopping excursions, and much, much more.

Volume Transportation

We provide volume, luxury transportation to corporations and large organizations that require multiple levels of services at multiple locations throughout the country. We have a fleet extensive enough to handle hundreds of individual and group transfers in a single day.

Metropolitan Tours

We offer custom, chartered tours to groups of any size in every major metropolitan city of the US. We tailor our tours to your specific needs, and we offer a full range of luxury coaches to accommodate parties of any size.

Auxiliary Services

We provide a comprehensive group of secondary services, which support and augment our luxury transportation operations. We provide greeter, concierge, and security services, in addition to a number of services that can be customized to meet your needs.

Our Services

Services for Individuals, Small Groups, and Large Organizations

Client-directed assignments offer you, and your friends or business associates, the opportunity to utilize a luxury vehicle of your choosing, along with a highly trained chauffeur, for as long as you wish. Hourly vehicle charters are perfect for those who wish to utilize the vehicle without an itinerary, and for an indeterminate period of time. These services are billed hourly for as long as you have the vehicle (industry standard fee for travel time to and from point of pick up and drop off apply.)

Point-to-point transfers are exactly what the name implies: A luxury vehicle picks you and your party up at one location, and drops you off at another. Flat rates are available on certain transfers that are typical of certain metropolitan areas. Point-to-point transfers differ from client-directed assignments in that they are limited to the predetermined point of pick up and drop off.

We operate an extensive fleet of newer-model stretch limousines, which are available for transfers, hourly assignments, special events, and airport transfers. Stretch limousines are generally manufactured in three standard sizes: Four passengers, six-passenger, and ten passengers. Ten-passenger stretch limousines are the most common and offer a partitioned passenger area, stocked with amenities. Ten-passenger limousines seat nine clients at most (as one of the passenger seats is occupied by the chauffeur.) Stretch limousines vary in design, and the amenities included vary from vehicle to vehicle.

We specialize in providing volume transportation services across multiple markets in the United States and worldwide. We have an extensive and varied fleet of vehicles throughout the country, allowing us to provide hundreds of different vehicles for large-scale transportation efforts in every major metropolitan area of the US. We are the only livery company that has the equipment and infrastructure to manage complex luxury transportation assignments requiring a wide range of vehicle classes, and moment-to-moment monitoring of all transportation activities.

24-hour service to and from all major airports within the United States as well as worldwide. Choose from various vehicles, from Town Cars and stretch limousines, to SUVs, luxury shuttles, and passenger vans. Whatever your configuration of passengers and luggage, we have the perfect luxury transportation solution for you. Flat rates are available at most major airports

We provide custom, chartered tours of metropolitan areas throughout the nation. All of our chauffeurs have intimate knowledge of the hotels, restaurants, clubs, venues, and hot spots in the geographic region they serve. In addition, all of our chauffeurs have 24-hour dispatch support, and access to our vast database of information on landmarks, cultural highlights, and notable architectural features. Don’t forget to inquire about our very popular wine-tasting tours in various wine-growing regions of the United States.

Luxury transportation is an integral part of special events such as weddings, Bar Mitzvahs, graduations, proms, and quinceaneras.  Events such as these require the service of a highly experienced and professional company in order to ensure that every detail is attended to.  

In addition to providing service for “personal” events, we also provide comprehensive luxury transportation services for corporate events and other types of special events typical of large organizations.

We provide a wide array of additional services which can be customized to meet the needs of each individual client or corporate account. Ask your account representative about greeter, concierge, and security services.

Chauffeurs Unlimited will work with you or your company to arrange a number of customized transportation-related services based on your specific needs. These extra services are always tailored to the needs of the client and can be altered in order to suit each event or transportation manifest.

Services for Large Organizations

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